Who knew?

So, my hubby and I had bemoaned the lack of good tv programming while we lived in the UK.   That is not to say we didn't have our favorite shows, and they did have satellite tv in the form of sky +.  As time went on we actually came to find several of the programs to be well worthy of viewing.  I became obsessed with Midsomer Murders, and Masterchef, and Come Dine with Me.  When we moved back to the States I was having withdrawal symptoms and was left with what they would broadcast on BBC America (not bad, but lacked a lot of their original programming).  We also learned that some of our favorite series were going to come to the US, only not the British versions, but rather the powers that think they know better decided to repackage them with american actors and virtually the same script.  This was the fate of Being Human, and Masterchef, and Shameless.  Though I will say after watching the Showtime version of Shameless with William H. Macy I really could get into it.  The other two were sad copies.  Luckily I was able to find the UK version of Being Human on BBC.
So fast forward to our recent move to SA and once again we found ourselves with craptastic tv programming.  If you don't mind old reruns of mediocre US sitcoms you'd be pleased, but we want more.  ( I know, greedy American's) 
But guess what we found while surfing the limited channel selection....Midsomer Murders reruns (yea!!) and Come Dine with Me and Graham Norton and Masterchef!!!!  And they even started a South African version of Come Dine with Me.  I'm in heaven.

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