Party all Day

The boy turned 7. 

I can hardly believe it.
The decorations I mentioned way back turned out good.  Remind me next time to forget the metallic confetti.  Baad idea.  I'm still finding it in the lawn.  Worse than glitter. 
I think everyone had a good time. There were far too many snacks and cake left over.  Why is it that you always expect the kids to chow down on the cake and half of them don't even eat it.  I had 20+ kids plus half the parents and still had half the cake.  I don't need half a cake left over,  I can't eat it. 
The magician was fun, even if he was a little loud (really loud).  Isn't it just old people who say that the music being played is too loud?  I forget.  Isn't it just old people who forget things?  Oh yeah, when you have a 7 year old, YOU are old.

Next time, with that many kids I might just pick a destination party so I can sit back and let someone else do all the work.  I don't think I got to talk to half the people who came.  I couldn't even tell you where my own kids were half the time. 

I think they behaved, I couldn't for sure say because I think I saw them a couple times across the patio.  I know they both ran themselves ragged, because they were exhausted by dinnertime.  That's a good birthday for sure.

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