Not good enough

This just chaps my ass.  Seriously.  I know this is not new news, but after having read that the FDA has confirmed it, I question why, if the fungicide is not allowed to be used on our own produce, how companies that produce juice in quantity are allowed to import oranges from companies that do?  Doesn't that just negate the whole point of regulations?  I don't really care if the levels are below safe, that's not the point really.  Why does no one look at these imports and test against our regulations to hold them to the same "stringent" rules we require of ourselves.  Don't allow the companies here to use foodstuffs from countries who don't follow the same rules, simply because it's cheaper to import or because our own supply isn't sufficient.  Someone is not doing their job correctly.  The same could be said of most of our imported goods.  Toys from China, contaminated foodstuffs from mexico.  No one bothers to check for these "illegal" substances or any multitude of disease until someone either gets sick and they are forced to check them against regulations or someone squeals on another company that their ingredients are less than standard.  A little like closing the barn door after the horse has run off.
Do you as a consumer just turn a blind eye, or do you put a little too much faith in our USDA, or is it the food companies who are sliding it under the door and hope no one notices?
Is it really that hard to buy a bag of oranges (locally, or at least within country) and squeeze them yourself?  Doesn't take that long, and you can avoid all the "additives".
I would guess that there are far more things going into your foods that anyone cares to admit, or put on that nutrition label.  That goes for whole foods as well.  Where were they grown?  What were they grown with?  Food companies don't want you to ask too many questions. They probably have a whole department devoted to evasive measures.
Here in South Africa it is a common sight to have ready made foods available in the grocery.  Half of one of the bigger chains is devoted to pre-prepared meals.  That whole end of the store is food counter and food kiosks.  I'm all for "fast food" but how can I be sure what's actually IN those dishes?  How were they prepared?  Is there some department here who oversees food prep and safety?  I don't know.  I'm sure they are fine, food regulation can be much different than those watching over restaurants here.  I hate being paranoid, but...I just stay away.  Better to be safe and prepare it myself.  I'm far from "crunchy" (no offense to those of you who dislike the term) myself, but don't all the e coli outbreaks, and contamination worry you?  Is it happening more frequently, or are we just finally taking more notice?
I'm afraid our lives of convenience are going to make us ill in more ways than one.
I'll hop off my soapbox now.

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