Party Planning

For the past several weeks I've been planning Quinn's birthday party.  I've thought about what kind of party I wanted to give him.  Did I want to go with a traditional theme party, or perhaps a destination party?  Quinn's 6th birthday I copped out and just went to Chuck E Cheese.  Which was just fine with him apparently.  He had a good time and I didn't have to try too hard.  I think I always make a bigger deal out of the parties than even they do.  I mean they enjoy the day and the activities, and the attention, but I think I groove on the decorating and details maybe too much to my own frustration and stress.
This year is no different.  After looking for something to sort of focus the party around I decided on hiring a magician and face painter. 
This decision then led me to figure out how to decorate based on the MAGIC theme.  I found that if you are looking for party decorations that are anything other than licensed cartoon characters you are out of luck here.  OUT OF LUCK!
What I have found here are a lot of companies who are willing to host/decorate/plan the party for you.  For a pricey fee.  I tend to like my parties cheap, but I like to make it look special.
What does that mean?  That means I'm making the majority of my decorations because I can't find what I want.  If I was home I wouldn't have a bit of problem finding oversized playing cards, bunting, top hats, bunny ears, or scarves.  Here?  Nada.  At least I don't have to worry about the venue being large enough, because this house was made for entertaining.
I have been making bunting and huge oversize playing cards.  I'm even making a huge house of cards for the table.  (no congratulations are necessary :))  And of course I'm making the cake.  I don't know what fear I have of store bought cakes.  Could it be that I'm always just slightly disappointed in the way they taste? look? cost?  Could be.  But rather than try to decorate the cake per my usual experiments, and also since I don't have any piping bags, or tips or fondant or anything like that with me (remember I had to bring 13 suitcases with us, and those were the essentials, i.e. toys) so I don't exactly have the proper tools to do it any justice.  Therefore, I decided to enlist the help of a lady who makes cake toppers.   Should be cute, and all I have to do is provide the cake itself.
As for the rest, I'm hoping it goes well.

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