Progress takes time

I've been back to pilates for a few weeks now and hitting the free weights a couple times a week, so I'm getting back in the groove.  I feel better overall even if a little sore the day after a particularly tough class. Some of these muscles haven't been worked hard in some years so it's not entirely unpleasant to know they still function. 

I've decided to add another cog to the machine that IS my overhaul.  This week Chris and I have been doing a detox regimen.  So far so good.  It has an added benefit in that I'm also 4 days clean from my second biggest vice, Coke.   Yes, that's coca cola, not crack.  Of course it could be crack for all that, I'm addicted to it.   I haven't been too crazy so far, and I've avoided the caffeine withdrawal so far with black coffee and tea.  And lots and lots of water.
People, if you want to change your life, first step is ditching the pop.  Even the diet stuff, it's horrible trying to get off it.
Next week I'm going back to calorie shifting and I'm bringing Chris with me this time.  We will see how it goes.  I think the calorie shifting is far easier than this detoxing.  And I'm proud of Chris for sticking to it, because it ain't easy for him I know.  He has no willpower when it comes to food.   So hopefully this next phase will be somewhat more satisfying as you get to eat (a lot) and the pounds just melt off. 

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