STAR show, not Star Search

Quinn had an open house today at school.  They call them Star Shows.  Each child hosts their families for an hour during class and is the "star" of their own presentation.  We played a classroom game, Quinn read several books to us, and he even entertained us with his own fictional story.

Now, go back and zoom in on pic #3.  Look at the face on that dinosaur.  Is that not priceless?  By the way, the dinosaur has a sore tooth because he bit into a rib bone, and he has to go to the dentist and that's his owie face.  Brilliant.
And did you notice the sweaty head on the child?  That's because is was like a volcano in the classroom (I know volcanoes are hot because Quinn also taught us about volcanoes while we were there :)) and we were all sweating like we were in Africa or something (hahaha).
It was nice to see him in one of his favorite elements.  He was so proud to show us around, and tell us about what he was studying. 

One of the items on his list of things to cover during the presentation was show us the class fish and explain what he knew about fish and their care.  And the fish took the unfortunate opportunity to begin his death float during the open house while some of the other kids were showing him to their families.  The fish went to the "infirmary" under the sink. Just one more lesson for them to learn about the life cycle of fish, yes?
It's nice that he likes school so much.  I'm glad that he likes this school so much.  Next week he starts swimming in P.E.  Do schools in the US even teach swimming anymore?  I like this school more all the time.

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