Artistic temperament

I think temperament can tell you a lot about a person, I also think that there are some people who are born to do something and their temperament can confirm that.  Artistic people can be a very focused group.  So much so that sometimes they can seem self centered, impatient, and certainly emotional.  Also creative and controlling.

Quinn could be a poster child for the artistic temperament.  The other day his teacher emailed and mentioned that Quinn was having a hard time controlling his emotions when he didn't get picked for the "evens" team during PE.  Why the "odds" team was unsatisfactory I still don't understand except to say that he has it in his head that odd isn't as good as even ??  I don't know, but the issue was that he had a meltdown in class.  He felt slighted and out of control and didn't get what he thought was the better team so he had a tantrum about it.  We talked to him later and tried to understand where he was coming from and to try some meditation techniques with him to give him some tools to deal with the disappointment better next time it comes around.  Because we all know disappointment will come around again, don't we?
See, I can't really fault the kid, he just doesn't have the ability yet to control his emotions well.  Chris and I both have issues with needing to be in control and having things done our way.  We clash all the time during home improvement projects.  This is why we work together, separately, on things nowadays because we recognize the similarity in our personalities.  We are first born children, as is Quinn, and I can see him in both of us.  I can't speak for Chris, but I know it was disappointing to me when I didn't get my way.  I still have trouble with that.
Quinn is incredibly sensitive and thoughtful, empathetic and creative, but also energetic and competitive.  He throws himself in with mucho gusto when it's a project he's devoted to.  Not so much when he isn't interested in it.  I think he just needs to grow some and learn what works best for himself to deal with the frustration and the resulting flash of temper or emotion when he can't change or control the situation. 
I think the boy may have some talent if he chooses to work on his skills.  Certainly at this point he has a real interest in cars and racing.  He is just like Chris in that regard.   Witness his drawing and the photo he drew it from just yesterday.  I think he puts an incredible amount of detail into some of these drawings and at only 7 years old I think he could become very proficient.  Not that I'm not biased or anything you know :)

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