Resolution 2012

Did everyone make their New Year Resolutions?  As I went to bed last night, before midnight because I was tired, Chris asked me if I had made any resolutions?  Nope, not really.  But I guess I had actually made resolutions, just before Jan 1.
I had resolved to continue this blog, and take more photos of our family,
To keep up with the pilates classes, and add in some weight training, 
To eat better, and cut back on the soda and the salt, 
To live more simply and not worry about things that aren't important, 
and to purge in a big way when we return home.  I thought I had already purged a great deal before we left.  As I found out there was still far more stuff than I thought there was.  I realize after living here in a sparsely outfitted home that we really don't need very many "things" to get by (realize though that we still have every convenience; wireless internet, and a pool, and satellite tv, don't get me wrong)  But that we don't need so many sets of china, or three extra sets of sheets, or a huge store of ziploc bags.  That there are only a few things that I wish I had brought along, and a whole lot of things I don't even remember having now, packed up and sitting in storage.
Can I free my life and my family of these burdens?  Spend less time taking care of stuff or worrying about acquiring more stuff, and more time taking care of us, enjoying us?

Maybe lose the electricity on purpose occasionally, spend more time quiet, just being together.

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Brianna said...

I like this! Happy New Year's.