Back on the Wagon

No, not that wagon, never got ON that wagon.  Heh heh!  I mean the exercise wagon.  My pilates class resumed this week after the holiday hiatus.  One word sums up my condition today.. ouch.  I've gone three days this week, and I can feel my time off.  I've also added in some weight training just to bulk up and replace some muscle that seems to have left the building.  So I'll try to work that in three days a week too.  If I don't die first.  So far pilates hasn't been too bad.  Challenging for someone who is so out of shape as I am.  I have virtually no balance and evidently only enough muscle to carry my butt from one place to another.  Today at class I was, once again, the only student in attendance.  She must have taken pity on me, because I can still walk right now.  Last time I was the only one in class she kicked my tushy into tomorrow.  I couldn't move for 2 days and then just barely managed to walk up and down the stairs after that.  Fact.  I've never been so stiff and sore, ever.  Try to never, ever, be the ONLY focus of an incredibly fit and energetic pilates instructor. 
Today, however I'm a little sore but I can still lift myself up off the couch and can descend the stairs without squealing.  Thank god, it can really ruin a persons weekend when you can't move.
Next week I hope to add in a walking club to my fitness plan.  I'm not sure how that will fit into the schedule but it would be some good cardio and we all know it would be good to work some of that in to keep the heart disease at bay.  Righto!

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