Saturday we went to one of the local racetracks for a track event.  The 11th International Zwartkops "Passion for Speed".  I would call this an exhibition race.  I personally wasn't sure how they classed each of the races, but there were cars from all over the world here racing in several categories.  The two races we watched from the pit entrance both looked to be older racecars.  I am not up on the lingo, but Chris called the cars from the first race we watched formula cars from the 50's and 60's .  The number one car below was the same model as used in the 1966 movie "Grand Prix".  (Chris thought you all might like to know.)  That particular car was blowing most of the others away, just sayin!

I picked the number 6 car as my favorite since he looked like an underdog.  And sure enough he petered out mid race smoking from underneath and had to bail out on the sidelines.  Glad I didn't bet any money on him :)  I think I enjoyed the first race we watched a little more than the second one which looked to be more "muscle cars" from the 60's - 80's.

I think 9 and 6 stayed with each other pretty much the whole race.  I think it was ten laps.  I have no idea who won.  Chris got some good shots of the cars as they went around our corner.  They were fast, but like I said, I liked seeing the oldies racing a bit more.
When we first arrived we walked around a little bit in the pits and the (for lack of a better word) staging area where you could see the different cars displayed and where their owners camped out.

It was really nice to be up close so you could see the cars, and all the bondo holding some of them together for just "one.more.race".  You would never get to be that close to those cars in the pits in the States.  We did get to see a couple cars cough their last on the track, and evidently one car lost his tire and we went crashing into the tire barrier close to the beginning of his race.  (We missed that, but saw the aftermath).  The kids had a good time I think, patiently waiting for their ice cream at the end.  Chris would have liked to stay a little bit longer to see some of the other races, but the kids (especially Maddie) were ready to go.  I too was a little tired of the endless revving of engines.  That many gearheads all together in one place leads to a LOT of noise.

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