Small World

I find that satellite tv isn't terribly different here than in the UK, there are even a few good cable channels we love from home.  Discovery Channel, E (not so much love, but at least it's familiar, and you never know when you might want to keep up with IceT or maybe those freaky jerseylicious people), travel channel, food network, style channel, history channel, bbc.  You know, reality type tv at it's best.  (sarcasm) Well, the best thing, which I've mentioned before, is there aren't that many marketing commercials.   Whoo Hoo!  There are however a few product commercials on some of the "local" channels.  I don't mind a few here and there advertising other programs, or even the odd detergent commercial.  The best commercial I've seen lately and still cracks me up whenever I see it is this.  This is for a laundry detergent called OMO.  This "fairy housekeeper" cracks me up.

In other local news, our friendly spar isn't stocking the boxed kraft mac and cheese :(.  They have opted instead to carry another US import.  Guess who manufactures this product?  Anyone?  Dad?  Do you recognize the brand name?

For those of you wondering "what the hell?"

This boxed macaroni is made by a company who to those of us who know where Perryville, Mo is, will know about Gilster MaryLee.  This was technically made over the river in Chester, but same company.  For a little, hometown company, it's traveled a LOOOONG way to my pot.  And I kid you not, they have a fantastic duplicate here.  That's hard for me to say, because you know I love me some powdered dehydrated kraft mac and cheese.

Another thing I'm pleased as punch about are the cloned Bob Evan's Dinner rolls I made tonight.  I've even impressed myself.  I will go to Bob Evans' restaurants just to get the dinner rolls, seriously.   Maybe not a major culinary conquest for some folks, but for me... BANZAAI!  This is the only one left.

Back when I graduated high school, I went with part of my family to visit other family in Pittsburgh, and we went on a long road trip type family vacation.  All of the meals we ate on the road, excepting 2 or 3, were at Bob Evans' restaurants.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I think I sampled everything on the menu.  To Pittsburgh and back again.  We got to see lots of different shops and attractions, but what do I remember?  The art fair in downtown Pittsburgh, the airplane museum somewhere in indiana or ohio?, and bob evan's. 

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