Wherein I'm not MIA and the kids are alright.

No folks, I'm not missing.  There has simply been a lack of useful life experience to adequately entertain y'all.  And I've been busy lately.  Well, maybe that's a lie.  Since I last left you hangin', we've had a birthday party (which I'll blog about separately) and we've (both kids) have learned to ride two wheelers.  The bike came as a birthday present for Quinn's 7th aforementioned birthday.  And yes, in this case we are they kind of parents who will purchase the second sibling a "gift" so that they aren't left out.  I don't normally go for that philosophy but I believe they both need to learn how to ride, so Maddie also got her bike, at the same time, so she could work on her skillz.  Quinn picked it up faster than I ever thought he could, so he was ready.  I was so proud. 

Even Maddie got the idea, though she needs to work on leg strength to pedal up hills.  I'm confident she'll get it with practice, and boy is she determined.
It's been a good months practice and they are both much improved.  The roads within our estate are not terribly hilly, but enough so that they have to go up some slight inclines.  Since there isn't much traffic they can pretty much ride in the middle of the road to work on it.  I also don't know if it's just our estate but they don't asphalt the roads in the compound, they are actually paved with pavers, like cobblestones, which is a little bumpier a ride than concrete or asphalt for the young rider.
Next up, driving lessons.

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