Foto Friday

This is what you get when you are without electricity for 24 hours and your kids are tired of amusing themselves.  And so are you.  You get rapt attention to the video.

They weren't quite as bored yesterday when they could go out and jump on the trampoline or run around outside, but this morning was incredibly dull for them as it rained most of the morning and they had to find something to do.  We've been through the legos, the crayons, a big 300 piece puzzle, and lots of car chases (these I did not participate in, but I did enjoy the puzzle!)
Here's a big thank you to our landlord Franz (who is on his holiday on a big boat right now) who spent these last 24 hours lighting a fire under the city council's butt to get someone out here to try to figure out why we are the only people on the street without power.  New Years Eve is not the time to try to get anyone to come in to work here.)  That was above and beyond. 
Here's hoping the New Year has the same good fortune.

Also for your viewing pleasure is Stella, who can't decide if she might like to try to bite that pie.

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