Are you active in the Wars?

I've read just about a hundred blogs on the subject of the "mommy wars".  Many of those before the ill fated comment Hilary Rosen made about Mrs. Romney.  I've about read it to death.  I wish the subject would die.  I'm tired.  Can women not agree that no matter where you "work" the home job is still "work"?
Women without children, and men who don't partake of the home job or the child rearing don't have a dog in this fight.  So don't even pretend to think you do.  We know YOU DON'T KNOW what's it's like to "work" at home.  (I'm here only talking to the mothers and fathers).
I believe Hilary wanted to say something along the lines that Mrs. Romney didn't have the same experience nor the internal conflict that the majority of SAHM's and WOHM's do.  Because she had the choice to stay home and take care of her family rather than take a job outside the home.  I doubt Hilary had meant to imply that she didn't "work" as in take care of the home/family, but rather that since she was loaded she didn't have to do all the dull work associated with being a SAHM, what with the housekeepers, gardeners, nannies, etc. 
I would then have to debate whether the actual "raising of the children" (emotionally, mentally, morally) is considered "work" or not.  I don't consider it work, though it is important, it's just not physical labor (which is really my definition of work).  I think the kid errands, housework, and the like, are the "work".  This then would be more Hilary's argument.  That because she didn't do the physical work of house and home (because she could hire someone else to do it) she didn't really "work". Whether that's a fair statement or not, it was still a slap in the face to another mom.  And I do love how all the men jumped on the bandwagon so they didn't look like chumps to champion the SAHM cause.
To be honest, I agree with Rosen, I don't think wealthy politicians have a clue about what it takes for a single mother who works outside the home to raise her kids.  They ARE out of touch with most mother's and father's on the "work" portion of the job description.  And if this is what the debate is about I feel they need to find a different banner to fly, the job is hard and should be supported no matter.  If you are fortunate enough to have a choice, you do what's best for your family.  If you don't get a choice you again do what's best for your family.
Honestly ladies we really shouldn't be taking sides against each other, we should be helping each other with the job laid before us.

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