Spare Time

I know you are all wondering what I do with my spare time.  I tend to have a lot of that right now, as you know.  One of the fun things I do is teach the dog commands and other fun tricks.  Here are a sampling of the tricks Poppy will agree to perform.  Like most young creatures, she does have a "default" trick she uses when she just can't figure out what I mean, or if she just wants to play the cute card to get her way.  See if you can figure out which trick she uses as her default.  Currently we are working on "inside voice" to mean a soft woof.  She sometimes confuses that with a sneeze, but I'm not real picky there.  She does try though, I'm just not that great at conveying my message I guess.

I'll also be uploading a "Cooking with Chris" episode as soon as I'm done editing out all the pot watching dead spots.  Watch this space.

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