It was Inevitable UPDATE

Folks, I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later.  You can't have a male child and not have major limb injuries at some point before they move out of the nest.  I honestly thought our first would be as a result of little sister finally taking out her aggression because of being endlessly needled by the boy.  Little did I know it would be at the hands of a classmate who decided to do a seated senton across Quinn's forearm during P.E.  Might I mention they were learning baseball at the time.  Specifically the parts of the baseball diamond.
I guess the kid took it in stride and the school nurse wrapped his arm up and he went on his way.  It's still sore even 2 days later, when he twists his forearm, but he's pretty tough.
I fully expect this is only the first of many such injuries, but hopefully he can steer clear of the kids who can't control their physical aggression.  I understand accidents, but intentional butt drops onto an unsuspecting classmate are a sign of something else.

I personally think he likes the attention he gets when people ask about what happened to his arm. :)

So we took him to the doctor this morning to have it looked at and x-rayed.  Turns out he has a fracture/break in his ulna.  And his radius has been bent.  Did you know kid bones can bend?  I sure didn't.  Just like a chicken bone.  He has got to have to highest pain tolerance of any kid I know.  Unless he twists his forearm he doesn't even act like he feels it.

So he gets to go in later this afternoon and have it set and a cast put on.  Fun times.

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Brianna said...

Ack! Poor guy!