Camera Caution

Does anyone else have a child who refuses to smile for the camera?  I know I'm not the worst parent for the camera exhaustion effect.  I seldom take photos unless there is an event or they are being super cute, and usually by the time I can grab the camera they have ceased to be cute and then I get the "grimace".  You know the grimace, that face they make when you ask them to smile and they 1) don't want to, and 2) they are trying too hard.
Quinn has ceased to smile naturally unless you catch him unawares.   I have umpteen photos of him looking like he needs to use the bathroom and is trying to hide the fact.  Maddie just flat out refuses to look like she enjoys anything.  One might even believe she has no joy.  Not so, her smile is just elusive.  Most often seen while shoveling food in her mouth.

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