If you were ever to come to South Africa for a visit one of the more precious things you might find about the country is that they are very polite.  At least in my experience so far.  I don't mean the air kiss, or handshake, but the very earnest greetings you receive from everyone you encounter.  A typical greeting would be "good morning, how are you?" with the response following "good morning to you, how are you?".  Then actually wait and listen for the response. (I know, shocker isn't it to have to pay attention).  It appears that this tiny interaction is a familiar and necessary start to the transaction.  Everywhere.  Greeting people on the street, from strangers to friends, all will begin before the business at hand.  Even during shopping, the greetings will preclude any purchases.  It's hard to remember to be so alert to the communication.  Not easy when you have trouble hearing anyway.  Remember I'm from the land of "yo" and the ever popular nod of acknowledgment, if there is any notice taken at all.  Almost like we've forgotten how to take the time to greet someone like they matter, even if you don't know them personally.  Or, god forbid having to take a moment from our cell phone conversations to answer them.  Have we forgotten how to be polite?


Soulmate said...

OK. Tell me a little about this site. I found it from your FB entries. Larry C

FourFindingHome said...

This is the blog I started to document our time in South Africa. Tell me what you think about it.