Christmas Fun

Bright and early Quinn burst into our room.  Of course he did.  I don't think Maddie was even awake yet.  But the sun was shining and the kid couldn't hold back any longer.
"It's still early, go back to bed".  But he could smell the presents, like a shark can smell blood.  The only thing was he couldn't go downstairs to gawp with wonder because the security alarm was still on, and he has set it off enough times in the past few months to know not to test it.  So we got another half hour or so sleep, until the cats started harassing us to feed them their breakfast, then the kids tried for a second barrage.  Maddie was awake by then.  They assured us the fat man had come and brought them presents.  Ah, to have unfailing faith in something they are sure is true.  I like that about them.
Downstairs we all race, or stumble, depends on who you are talking to.  Witness me trying to keep up.

They ooh'd and aah'd and were just about vibrating to start the shred.  After the coffee is made please.  They decimated the gift wrap in about 10 minutes, then we sent them on a couple of scavenger hunts to find the larger items.

I found that to be the best part, them working together to figure out the clues.  The train set was a hit, and the trampoline will be, when we get around to putting it together.  No real hurry there, as they are seriously preoccupied with the other gifts.  May save that one for when they start with the "I'm bored".
The weather is beautiful, sunny, a little cloudy, with a cool breeze. 

The kids had their breakfast, the cinnamon rolls I was slaving over last night, and bacon.  Another great Christmas breakfast.  As you can see they enjoyed them.

There's the obligatory shot of us just to show for the record that we were there that day.  And yes, I spent the entire day in my jammies.  That's what Christmas without guests is good for.  The advent calendar is completed, and the cookies are being consumed, everyone has had a pretty relaxing day. 

Even the dog wanted in on the fun.  She worked hard for the treats.

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