Cooking with Chris

I've got a new episode of cooking with Chris for you. 
We found that basil grows in abundance here.  And you can buy it in a huge bunch for just pennies in the markets.  If you know anything about Chris and I, you know we love basil.  I'd put it on just about everything that included a tomato if I could.  We've grown basil a few times back home in our little herb garden but between the critters and the weather we were lucky to harvest a good batch or two from a few plants each summer. 
That being said, we love pesto too.  And before we found the abundant basil we were shopping in the grocery and of course spotted small jars of pesto that are not uncommon in the states as well.  And like the jars of pesto in the supermarkets at home, they contain "other" ingredients not necessary.  Since it's so easy to make it yourself, I thought I would let Chris demonstrate for you.

Toss it with a little pasta.  yum.

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