word of the week

It's no surprise that my memory is failing me.  I'm approaching my mid life crisis, or rather what I suppose will be my "mid-life" assuming I live to be 80+, but you never know.  I also had a hefty dose of momnesia with the two rugrats, that had to have knocked my IQ down a couple of points just through the pregnancy.  But I could have sworn I had a better vocabulary than the single syllable commands and corrections I now direct at those same rugrats.  So I've decided to start fresh, perhaps learn a few new words I never even knew the first time around.  Here is a series I'll call "word of the week".  You can play along and maybe learn a few new words to amaze your friends.

Farandole - (far an dole) n. 1. a spirited circle dance of Provencal derivation. 2. the music for this circle dance.

See, learning is fun.

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