Name that Tune

We spent the better part of the day yesterday either shopping or planning the menu for the weekend.  We got a lot accomplished in the planning phase, and didn't really feel like making dinner after all was said and done.  Well I didn't, but that's nothing new.  The clincher was that Chris didn't feel like cooking so we went out.
We have several restaurants really close by, within walking distance really.  One is a fabulous Greek restaurant that we enjoy, the others two that we've tried are fair but I've had good and not so good dishes at both.  Since I wasn't feeling Greek tonight we decided on the pizza/lounge joint that has a good variety menu.  I had a baked potato.  Very good with the margarita's I started with.  The nice thing is that the kids can usually find something, no matter how particular they are being.  Pizza, meat, pasta, fish, veggies.  They have a good all around menu.  Fair to middlin' as they say.  The best thing tonight, besides the margarita's that is, was the entertainment.  This restaurant is half lounge, half sports bar type atmosphere.  They have tv's here and there with some sports channel on most of the time.  But they have a nice patio area that overlooks the small lake, and quieter areas if you aren't into that.  Tonight, they had a live musician.  With electronic keyboard.  Fabulous.
I thought I would invite you all to enjoy the ambiance with the family tonight and play a little game we played.  See if you can guess the songs that accompanied our meal.  And as always, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain (or his voice).

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