Fashion Plates

Christmas always gets me thinking of some of the awesome gifts I got as a kid.  Things I wish I still had, because I think my kids would like to play with them, or maybe I would.
I'm still hunting for the original Simon (in good condition), and a good game of Stay Alive (with all the original marbles).  I've managed to hoard collect a bunch those older games, versions from before they made them even cheaper.  (Case in point is the Hungry Hungry Hippos game.  It use to be a one piece "board" now its really flimsy and in several pieces (to save packaging?) and even cheaper plastic, if that could be possible.  The game just doesn't hold up as well as the older/original version.  Let's say I was a little disappointed)
I've actually found most of the older games in thrift stores.  It's sometimes the best place to find them, you can look on ebay, but you'd think they were more than just games for the prices they sometimes ask. 
I've found a complete boggle, sequence, connect four, chinese checkers, dominoes, any number of 70's, 80's vintage editions of these.  Yes, you can still buy them on the shelves, but there are subtle changes to the quality of materials, or in some cases the "improvements" to the games aren't really any better. (IMHO).

I had the regular stuff, popular for it's time.  Lite Brite (the good, full page ones that you had to put all the pegs in before you knew what you were creating), Easy Bake Oven (which never came with enough cake mixes to gorge yourself with cake batter), Spirograph, Hot Wheels track (though technically I think my brother was the recipient of that gift.), Stretch Armstrong, View Master, and Fashion Plates.
Anyone remember those?

I loved that toy.  I don't think I've ever seen even an incomplete set on offer at a garage sale or thrift store or estate sale.  Maybe it's too old.  Or secretely, maybe it is such a fantastic toy that everyone is hoarding collecting them.  I know I would.

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