Boerewors Here, Get Your Boerewors Here

More unusual sights seen on the street.  Peddlers and beggars.  I don't quite know what else to call these guys.  Entrepreneurs maybe?  They stand at every intersection in the street (note* not beside the street, not in the median, IN THE STREET) and you try your best not to hit them as you drive through the intersection.  I would hate to break the only leg the one legged beggar has left because I cut my right turn too close to him.  (I know, not funny but gee whiz guy).

Some of the, dare I say, legitimate businesspersons sell sunglasses, fans, umbrellas, sports merchandise, what have you, you can probably pick up while waiting for your red light. AT EVERY INTERSECTION on your way home.

It's not like our firemen with their boots collecting donations, nor the guys passing out m&m's for donations to the church downtown that helps the drug addicts.  No, these guys will lean in your car windows, harass you if you are so unfortunate as to have to stop anywhere close to the intersection waiting for a light and curse you in several languages if you try to tell them "no thanks, I don't need a questionable car charger today".  So you drive with the a/c on and the windows rolled up just to avoid the confrontation. 

This is why all my pics are taken through the windows. 
If you are wondering what  boerewors is, it's a sausage popular for grilling (or braai-ing) over here.
Delish!  It's hard to describe the flavor, not quite brat, but grill it and put it some in a roll. yum.

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