Good Day Sunshine

The weather here is beautiful.  I don't know if we are just fortunate at this time of the year as it is all sunshine and great breezes, no humidity, and the occasional whopper of a thunderstorm to satisfy my need for a good storm, or if this is typical.  Amazingly this is the "rainy season" here in South Africa, though it has only stormed after dark so far. 
The sunshine is bright and warm, as it should be at 1350m above sea level (that's 4500f for us still sporting the imperial scale).  And has an unusual quality to it at this elevation, the sky appears bluer, and everything is clearer (no doubt less crap in the atmosphere).  But watch out as the radiation coming through that atmosphere is also a bit stronger. 

Christmas in December?
While it might be normal for the locals to have the Christmas holiday under warm sun, it will be a change of pace for us and I'll be curious to know if it will feel like the holidays as we get closer, or not.  So far, I don't have the urge to shop. 
The holiday decorations are also showing up in stores, and since I didn't ship any of our personal ornaments over with us I may have to think up some new traditions, like decorating a palm tree or something.  At least we have a fireplace to hang the stockings. (I remembered to bring those. Not that anything actually fits in those).

I also made sure that our best elf made the trip over with us.  We can't have Santa not knowing every single move the kids make, now can we!  I don't know when these Elf on a Shelf things became popular but we had a ball with ours last year at Christmas.   I gotta say it was hard to remember to move the little guy every night.  Because let me tell you, the kids notice!  And it is not easy to explain why he's not in a different spot each morning.  So this is our scout Crispin Twinklestar.

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