Not Your Moms KFC, Nor Mine for that Matter

Kentucky Fried Chicken, everyone remembers the tagline "finger lickin good!"  Or maybe it's just me, I remember the commercials when they still used the phrase, and you still saw Colonel Sanders in the ads.  But it's been a while since I'd paid attention to the commercials and had only stopped for lunch a handful of times in the past several years.  Why?  Because unless you want chicken, you are out of luck.  And my mom's fried chicken generally tastes better :)
Pretoria has a lot of restaurants to choose from.  But unless you want to eat from a lunch cart or pick up some ready made meal from the grocery there are few choices for "fast food".  Or at least fast food we recognize from the States.  There is a Wimpy Burger here, but we tried it and weren't impressed with the hamburgers.
McDonald's and KFC have hopped the pond and are pretty prolific over here, so as for weekend lunches while we are out we generally try those.  Both corporations have outfit their store locations with more hip modern decor than what they seem to in the states.  That's not to say I've been inside many of the locations at home, because I can only vouch for the locations we live by, but they really seem to be trying to appeal to a younger demographic in the KFC than at home, and an older demographic in the McDonald's.
The KFC specifically appears to be an underage nightclub inside.  And with the rave beats being piped into the dining rooms it truly feels like they are pandering to the younger set.  Am I getting old when I want to tell them to turn down the stereo?

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