Rights of Passage

Our family has had a momentous week.  First up, the youngest has reached that ages old milestone of turning 5.  Yes, can we have a whoop whoop!  We celebrated her birthday simply with a cake, some presents, and a dinner out.  As you can see below, the cake was professionally made by me.  I'm sure there are plenty of professional bakeries around, but since part of the fun was helping to make it, we opted for the box mix, and surprisingly they combine the cake mix and the icing in the same box.  Who knew?  At home you have to shell out extra for the sugar covering. 

Then on Saturday, the oldest lost his first baby tooth.  Surprise to us that it was a bottom tooth we didn't even know was loose, as he's been trying to wiggle the top ones. Surprise to him that it nearly came out biting into soft cheese.  It only took a little tug and it came out the rest of the way.  I'm trying to convince him to work at the one beside it so that his new teeth have somewhere to move to as one of them is nearly in all the way and the other is closely behind.

That was my week.  So many things happening at once that I think I need to spread out the events a little better on the calendar.  You know, to fill in for those weeks where literally nothing is going on.

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