Wherein I Point the Finger

I've been gushing about the weather here to people at home, since weather at home (USA) is sucky and swiftly approaching winter-like temps.  Here it is a comfy 28C.  Now, for those of you who say "eh" and throw another log on the fire because its "beginning to look a lot like Christmas", let me say that unlike home that's NO HUMIDITY with them there temps.  Warmth without the drippy, unless you just naturally sweat a lot. 
But, let me amend that by saying that this is not even the thick of summer yet, and we have air con in only one room of this house.  I am yet to be convinced that I will be comfortable in the manner to which I have become accustomed during my life through 30++ years of sweltering and humid summers in central Missouri (frosted lightly by air conditioning blasting directly on myself).  And add to that there is no real heating in this house either.  There is some underfloor heating in the bedrooms, but what if its just not enough?? So yes, my friends, I am rubbing in the coming winters' discomfort, with a nanny nanny boo boo, but only because I fear my time is a coming.
This is what my cat looked like when I told her we didn't have to freeze our tails off at Christmas this year.

And this is what the dog looks like during these hot south African summers.  (Ok, ok, she looks like this most of the time.   But this time she was in front of the fan.)

Can you tell which end is which? And why is it dusty, dirty dogs always choose the clean, WHITE, bed linens to roll around on?  I'm just saying.

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