I Didn't Just See That, Did I?

Have you ever looked at a sign and your brain fills in the letters as it THINKS it sees them? Rather than what is actually written there?  I keep doing that as I'm driving around town.  See, if there are apartments for rent available, some realtors or letting agents will post signs in the right of way near the roads so that as you drive by (quickly) you catch it out of the corner of your eye.  Only the signs don't say For Rent.  They say   TO LET.  Can you see what I see?

I have also done a double take at one of the local shopping centers as a large retail bookseller here is called CUM BOOKS.  (Take your mind out of the gutter.  It's pronounced COOM, rhymes with broom).  I'm not kidding.
Then there are the strangely named food products.  I found this to be a common problem while we lived in the UK.  They come up with some creative product names.  Products that are aptly named, that just sound funny, or might cause one to think twice about eating it. So I'm going to continue this as an ongoing series I'll call Product Puns.  First up is this boxes of salted crackers.

They were actually really nice crackers.  And you can make your kids howl with laughter anytime you mention the name.  Say the name out loud and see if you can keep from snickering.  Dare you.

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