Happy Chicken Day!

As I have mentioned before, to someone, I don't remember who, they don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in South Africa.  Can't imagine why.  It's a good enough holiday, plenty to be thankful for.  Like the sunny weather today after a couple really rainy and bleh days.  See the previous post.
I'm also thankful for the fact that we have our health and home.  Unlike our neighbors who were practically washed out of their houses night before last.  I'm thankful that I have two sweet kids and a husband who puts up with my crap.
And, I'm super thankful for the fabulous feast we will have tonight.
Not only don't they have the holiday, they don't even have butterball turkey.  So, we are improvising.
Sounds delish doesn't it?
So Happy Thanksgiving! everyone.  Think of me while you are stuffing your face.

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