Under the African Sky or Which Way Do We Go?

Sunday we took a short road trip.  Not far from Pretoria is a little game park known as the Rhino and Lion Game Reserve.  Situated in the Cradle of Human Kind this was a nice beginners "safari".  We were looking for something to do as a day trip and that the kids would enjoy.  Bingo!
Lions and tigers and rhino, Oh My!
This is a drive through park, so from the comfort of your own air conditioned vehicle you can gaze in wonder at some of the best nature has to offer.  Ostrich, buffalo, wildebeest, rhino, cheetah, lion, wild dog, and springbok, they were all representing.  Even the drive was pretty impressive as it was similar to backroading in the hills back home.

The kids were disappointed that they didn't get the chance to handle the young lion and tiger cubs.  But as with any tourist attraction, the wait was long and the kids impatient, so we passed on it this time.

My favorite was a bird called the Secretary Bird who I thought had loads of personality and I think actually like the attention.  He was really pretty spectacular and definitely my favorite of the birds.

The had a nice selection of reptiles (mostly snakes) and I was surprised to find an old friend in the diamondback rattlesnake here in SA.  I missed seeing my all time favorite the copperhead, but then again they had a nice selection of mamba's and cobras so I wasn't disappointed.  Sorry there are no photo's of those guys as the cages were large and dark and the snakes are keen to find the most un-photogenic spot to rest.

We had a nice lunch at the pub/restaurant then went on to see the big cats having their dinner.
The cheetahs were just a few feet away from the car and were completely mellow.  We got some great photographs of them.

To end the visit we stopped off at the WonderCave on the way out of the park.  This would be the first time the kids have seen a cave and they were a little apprehensive about going down, I think they were thinking scary things, but 87 steps straight down and then into a lift and we found ourselves in a large cavern that had been used by italian limestone miners back in the late 1800's.  The kids were duly impressed.  Just wait till we return home to Missouri and we show them what a real CAVE is like.

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