Life's Soundtrack

I just got a new phone for Christmas. Yes, it's a little early but hey, Christmas feels just a little bit whackadoo this year anyhow.  So in the process of transferring all my contacts, email addy's, photos and music it got me to thinking about how some music elicits very strong memories of moments in time or certain people.  I've been walking down memory lane for the past few hours while my files dump onto the new phone.  Funny how easily distracted I can get.
Like how Pink Floyd, Jesus Jones, Incubus, Kansas, Foo Fighters and Liz Phair can all bring up memories of  past boyfriends.  How weekends have their own soundtrack of Adam Ant, Pat Benatar, The Beatles, and STP.  How memories of work come in the form of Tom Petty, 4 Non Blondes, Sheryl Crow, and the Black Crowes.
How I forget how much I like Fuel, the Posies, Smashing Pumpkins (when they were still rock), and SRV.
How about I take you down memory lane with me?  A couple faves:


Do yourself a favor, and dust off your old cassettes, albums or cd's from years ago, or not so many years ago, listen and remember who you were.

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